The Best Battery Operated Fan

The Best Battery Operated Fan

Sometimes when the heat starts to roll in, all you want is a breeze on your face to cool you off, and that's where a portable fan comes in handy time and time again. Maybe you're at the beach or on a campground with no outlets for an AC adapter, or maybe you don't like dealing with chargers and would prefer to have a cordless option for easy portability. Either way, a battery-powered fan is super useful in a ton of situations.

What is the best battery-powered fan

The best battery-powered fans are powered by everyday batteries, like AAA, or they have built-in rechargeable batteries. In both cases, this allows the fan to go cordless, so you can stay cool without needing to be plugged in. The best battery-powered fans usually have a battery life somewhere between 10 and 24 hours and can also still operate fully while they charge.

When shopping for the best battery-powered fan, there are other features to take into consideration besides battery life. You’ll want to decide upfront if a small, portable fan suits your needs, or if you want something larger, like a floor or standing fan. Small, personal fans are great to have on hand at your desk or while you’re traveling or spending time outside. However, if you’re trying to cool down a whole room, you’ll want a fan with a more permanent presence. In general, larger fans will create more powerful wind than their miniature counterparts.

No matter which size range you are shopping in, it’s important to choose a fan that has multiple wind settings to choose from as well as a strong and quiet motor.


Primevolve Portable Standing Fan

Having the Primevolve portable standing fan is like having three fans in one. This fan can be used as a table fan, a floor fan, or a pedestal fan.

Its exact measurements range from 3.93 to 39.3 inches depending on how you position it. We like that the fan is low noise and highly customization – it also has four different wind settings and is very easy to install. Its long-lasting, rechargeable battery allows this fan to go cordless and gives you up to fifteen hours of cool relief on each charge.


Top Features of Primevolve Fan 

  • Telescopic Floor Fan: Unique foldable design. The height of the desk fan can be fully adjusted from 3.93’’ to 39.3’’ (100-1000 mm). 180-degree adjustable head tilt angle. When folded into the compact desk mode, the fan size is 8.66’’ x 8.66’’ x 3.93’’.
  • Multifunctional Portable Design: With the foldaway design, this fan can be used as a table fan, a floor fan, or a pedestal fan. Thanks to its folding abilities it is convenient to store and save space. Easy carrying and long rechargeable battery life make it suitable for outdoor activities such as travel, camping, picnics, and fishing.
  • Wireless Use with Large Battery Capacity: This mode transforming fan comes with a 7200mAh battery capacity, which can work 4.5-15 hours under different speed modes without being plugged in. It fully charges within 5 hours. The USB personal fan is powered by USB(2A) and compatible with PC/laptop, power bank, AC adapter, car charger, and other USB-enabled power sources.
  • 4 Speed Settings & Low Noise: With this portable desk fan's 4-speed settings, the working speed can reach 2.3m/s-4m/s with a strong airflow. Upgraded technology makes this telescopic desk fan silent even at the maximum speed setting, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment for sleeping, studying, or working.
  • Warranty and Risk-Free Guarantee: Primevolve stands by the quality of its products with a 1-year US warranty and lifetime product support. Enjoy peace of mind by purchasing a high-grade guaranteed product.


Product description

Primevolve Rechargeable Foldable Fan Specification:
Main materials: Aluminum ABS plastic Steel sheet (motor), PP material (fan blade)
Battery Type: Lithium battery 18650
Product size: Closed state 8.66*8.66*3.93 in, Expanded state 8.66*8.66*39.4 in
Fan size: about 8.66 Inches
Wind speed gear: 3+1
Color: White
Power cord length: 1.5m (approx. 59 inches)
Net weight of the product: 829.5g
Control method: button press
Air supply principle: air circulation
Wind modes: 1st gear: soft wind 2nd gear: refreshing wind 3rd gear: strong wind 4th gear: natural wind
Charger Specifications: 5V/2A
Wind speed: 1st gear: 2.3m/s 2nd gear: 3.0m/s 3rd gear: 4.0m/s
Noise rating: 30-40db
Charging time: <5h
Continuous operating time on a full charge: 1st gear 15h, 2nd gear 9h, 3rd gear 4.5h

Package Includes:
1 Folding Multi-Purpose Rechargeable Fan
1 USB Charging Cable (5ft)
1 Instruction Manual 

There are 3 different sizes

1, Primevolve 8.7 inch Battery Operated Standing Fan

2, Primevolve 7.7 inch Battery Operated Fan

3, Primevolve 110° Oscillating Portable 


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