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Primevolve Witchcraft Supplies Kit

Witchcraft Supplies Kit for Wiccan Spells, Primevolve 90 Pack Versatile Witchcraft Tools Starter Box- 60 Colored Magic Candles, Crystals, Dried Herbs, Kraft Pape
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Witchcraft Supplies Kit
  • 90 PCS witchcraft kit. This starter witchcraft kit is suitable for beginners and proficient wizards. You’ll get all you need to practice your Wiccan rituals: 60 colored magic candles, 10 individually sealed dried herbs, 10 mini gemstones sealed bottles, 10 Kraft Papers. With the portable box, you can carry around your herbs, crystals, and paper to perform spells on the go.
  • 60 colored spell candles. The package includes white, red, orange, yellow, ivory, green, purple, blue, black, pink. Good for spells, meditation, rituals, and other ceremonies; Measuring 4*0.2 inches each candle.
  • 10 magic herbs. 10 unique herbs in sealed individual packages include in your witchcraft apothecary: forget me not, sage, nettle leaf, red rose petal, Tsao, yarrow, lavender, clover, mint, the one thousand-day red. Perfect for sachets, loose incense, and spell jars.
  • 10 crystal jars. 10 different crystals for witchcraft are packed in sealed and individual glass bottles: green aventurine, white crystal, Southern red agate, strawberry crystal, citrine, lapis lazuli, garnet, rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian.
  • 10 pieces of Kraft paper. 10 pieces of high-quality Kraft paper can better assist you. You can write spells on it, and combine them with candles and dried herbs to cast spells to get the best effect. This kit is the perfect gift that will surely delight your friends!
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